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Hi and welcome to the September 2015 newsletter.

In this newsletter we will discuss some exciting new initiatives that will improve our customer service level at our Swim School . Along with what is happening in the school holidays and changes we have made to our staffing to make your swimming experience better.

Also, a big welcome to all of the new families who have joined us recently. I trust that your swimming experience is a positive one.

If it is not do not hesitate to let myself or one of my team know so that we can assist to make it so. Our aim is to make Just Like Fish School to be the best swim school in the Hunter and in order to do that we need your feedback both positive and negative.

Lastly a HUGE thanks to my team who has done a great job during a very busy time…thanks again and well done!!!

National Drowning Report

The National Drowning Report has been released and some of its findings have been quite alarming.

Overall there was a slight increase in drowning for the past year. An alarming part of this was that infant drownings are again the leading category this year.

Given the time and diligence we put into our infant program it further highlights the importance of these programs. The younger they start the better but it is MORE important JUST to get started.

Another major focus to come out of this was the lack of CPR knowledge of adults/parents. This is something we will be addressing in our next safety week in November for the older children in our program along with some parent education.

Referral $$$

This has lead us to make an offer that anyone who refers someone into our program between now and October 23rd 2015 we will waive their Registration Fee (up to $50 value).

As a Thank you for referring someone into this program you will receive your next 2 weeks FREE also (max value $68.40).

Make sure any one you refer lets us know so you and them both receive your bonus.

Price Changes

Due to increasing costs we will be increasing our prices from October 6th 2015. We put this on hold last year to assist families at that time and have tried to keep this to a minimum.

This will allow us to implement some new initiatives including on deck pool supervisors to improve the quality of your swimming experience.

Our new costs will see a group lesson increase by 80 cents per lesson to $17.90 per lesson and a 15 minute private will increase to $24.50 and a 30 minute private will be $42.

For people on Direct Debit this will occur on the 9th October.

If anyone is experiencing financial hardship please come and see us and we will assist where we can.

“On Deck” Supervisor

One initiative that we have been looking at implementing is an “on deck” pool supervisor.

The idea behind this role is to give you as parents more feedback and the opportunity to ask questions about your child’s progress etc.

They will also be there to help out with introducing new students to classes and ensuring the quality control of our program.

The great news is that this role will commence from mid October. More information will follow on our Facebook page and in our next Newsletter.

Holiday Intensive Lessons

We will be running our holiday intensive program through the September holidays. We will be running this program in 2 sessions. These sessions will run from;

Mon Sept 21st – Fri Sept 25th

Mon Sept 28th – Fri Oct 2nd

This is a program that can help your child’s swimming significantly in a short period of time. It is for all levels from Starfish and above.

The cost for swimmers currently in the program is $50 for the week and you will receive a 10% discount if you book and pay prior to September 18th. This also comes with a 100% Money Back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

You will still be charged your normal lesson fee. and are welcome to attend your regular lesson also.

There will be morning and afternoon sessions depending on the child’s level.

We are taking bookings NOW!!

Teacher Consistency

We have had feedback on our teacher consistency not being as good as it should be. This is unfortunately a challenge that all swim schools face and we do our best to limit this where possible as do our teachers.

However as an employer we respect and expect that some of our teachers do get sick, their children get sick or they have family engagements etc.

Given the structure of our program we try to ensure that the same level and quality of lesson is delivered each time.

Again these are all things we try to keep to a minimum but unfortunately life happens around us and we accept that. We will always do our best to reduce the impact of this.

School Swimming Carnivals

As those of you with school children are aware school carnival season is approaching and whilst the majority are after Christmas the preparation for these starts NOW.

We would like to know when they are on. So if you know the date please leave this information at reception.

Our reason for this is that if enough people from the swim school attend we will send a staff member for a couple of hours to watch and assist the children where possible.

Unfortunately we can’t get to them all but if we know in advance it will enable us to get to as many as we can.

This is a major focus for our swimmers from Eels up and something that is discussed regularly.

Last year we again had some outstanding results and amazing achievements from all of our swimmers and wish them all the best for this year and next.

Hunter Valley All Stars Swim Club

As a Swim School we need to be giving back to the sport of swimming. One of the best ways to do this is by introducing children within our program to a swim club environment to grow the sport.

With this in mind we are looking to start our own Swimming club which will meet on a weekly basis to compete against themselves and assess their individual improvement.

Our aim is to introduce competition to children in a fun and friendly way and for them to grow further as both people and swimmers.

Myself and several of our instructors have all come through the swim club environment and know the benefits it gives children of all ages and levels.

It will cater for swimmers from 3 years and above and include bubble races various strokes and cater to all levels of swimmer. There is no restriction to any child based on their ability and it is a further way for our swimmers to monitor their improvement. It also helps to prepare them for things such as school carnivals and is the starting point to furthering your child’s journey in the sport of swimming.

The swim club is on every Friday night and start time will be 6.45pm.

If you require further information please see our Reception staff who will have an information sheet from Monday September 14th 2015.

Again this is something that we fully support as a swim school and will be supported by our staff. The swim club meets on a Friday night weekly at 6.45pm. For more information speak to your teacher and they will put you in touch with the appropriate person.

As some of you are aware Just Like Fish is on Facebook.

It is something that we have started to use and will continue to use as a communication tool for the Swim School.

We will post essential communication, videos, photos and I will be contributing on a regular basis also.

There will also be specials and equipment updates along with the introduction of a “peoples choice” swimmer of the month where you get to vote for the best swimmer.

It is also there for you to use to communicate with us with both positive and negative feedback.

The address is

So jump on and “LIKE” us on Facebook to get the benefits of using this.

Due to its popularity it is a must use tool for us as a business but we want it to be used effectively.

Make Up Lessons

Make up lessons are available to all students and some people are utilizing this service. There are some points / rules around make up lessons, which have been loosely enforced but from this October 6th 2015 will be enforced. These are;

  • You must call prior to your lesson to be eligible for a make-up.
  • You must book your make up when you cancel your lesson or on your next visit.
  • There is no charge for Water babies.
  • You can’t make up a make-up meaning if you book a make-up and can’t make it you lose it!
  • Make Ups CANNOT be accumulated.

There will also be a $2.50 fee for each Make Up lesson through the summer months.

Everyone is made aware of these conditions prior to commencement and if you require further information please see reception.

Swimming Caps

Swim caps are required to be worn by all participants at the Just Like Fish Swim School. The only exceptions to this are our infants.

This is a Health Department requirement and also assists in maintaining water quality for all participants.

We give all swimmers a cap when you start and it is then your responsibility to maintain this requirement. Swim caps are available for purchase at reception and our range will increase in the coming months.

New School Starters

We have quite a lot of school starters commencing school next year. In order to make that transition smooth we suggest that you make this move through October/November to reduce the number of changes within the children’s schedule. It will also allow you as parent’s to know what you are doing and lock in those new times.

It will also allow for them to get used to the environment of afternoon lessons.

Please see reception with your preferred days and time so we can make these changes ASAP for you.

“Superfish” Training Group

In October 2015 we are looking to introduce our “Superfish” training group.

This group will be for our talented children 10 years and under. It will be by invitation only and will be limited to 16 swimmers.

These swimmers will then be provided with extra skills training, new stroke development, race skills. They will still be in their normal lessons and this will be an extra.

This is a program we wanted to start earlier but given staff illness and wanting to ensure a high level program we held it over.

The ratio of swimmers to Coaches will be 1:8 with a view to preparing these swimmers for their school swimming carnivals along with a competitive swimming career should they wish to do so.

A letter will be handed or mailed to those swimmers within the next week outlining how it will operate along with expectations.

Given the large and ever increasing amount of talented swimmers we have coming through our program we would like to give them every opportunity to achieve.

Direct Debit

Thanks again for your assistance and support for our direct debit program. Our direct debit dates until the end of October are as follows;

11th September

25th September

9th October

23rd October

Please be aware that these are the dates we process the direct debit it can take up to 4 days for the money to be deducted from some accounts.

Website and Blog

As most of you are aware our new website is up and operational. We still have a lot of things to add to it.

From mid October there will be a fortnightly blog which will give you added information on various topics related to swimming, child development etc.

Also you can access all our forms on the website with cancellations and suspensions available and coming soon will be a make-ups form.

October Long Weekend

We will be closed on Monday October 5th due to the October long weekend. Lessons will be as normal on the Saturday.

Final Word

Again a huge THANK YOU for your support of Just Like Fish Swim School we do appreciate both now and in the future.

If you have any feedback please let us know as we want to keep improving and make this the best Swim School in Newcastle and the Hunter.

Yours in Swimming

Damon Rodd
(Managing Director)

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