I just wanted to let you know how much of a great job you are doing in educating my kids, not only in swimming but also in water safety.

Recently while we were on Christmas holidays at Fingal Bay, my five year old son was pushed into the deep end of the caravan park swimming pool, at this time he was not wearing his flotation device and there was not an adult within reach of him. He popped up looked around, swam straight for the edge of the pool, pulled himself up and then proceeded to cry with fright. Your lessons were engrained in his head and he instantly did what he had been taught with no panic.

I really do thank you all as the outcome could have been a lot different if he had not been taught so well.

Thank you.
Sascha and Kevin Cumpson
Absolutly fantastic swim school.
Heather Dawson
Love it the kids have learnt so much since they opened.
Bianca Miller
My daughter Asha has been swimming at Just like Fish from 5months of age, now at 22months has so much skill and confidence in the water its just amazing!!! swimming is our fav time of the week!!
Dani Brian
Today my daughter competed in her first swimming carnival. To turn and see the support of one of her coaches standing there timing kids, talking to parents and cheering the kids on was just amazing!!! It is through just like fish that she has gone from strength to strength. She loves her lessons and completed boot camp during the school holidays. To watch her compete against kids up to 2 years older and achieve the results that she did is a credit to the swim school, her coaches and her own determination. I highly recommend this school to all ages and abilities.
Melinda Walls
Hi love what you guys do my boy loves going swimming there, just wondering if you have ever thought of staggering the class times. Find it a bit frustrating trying to to dry and dress him when there’s 15 other people trying to do the same thing especially when they put their bags on the bench leaving no room for anyone else.
Ann Longley