Our program is divided into three different stages that is in line with children’s physical and mental development. These guideline are devised to give parents a framework for a child’s progression and starting point but it should be stressed that these will vary depending on each individual child.
baby under the water being held by a coach

Infant Aquatics

3 Months and Above

Our infant aquatics program is designed to provide a versatile learning and play environment.

Research shows that children who partake in water activities from a very young age benefit through improved water skills and physical development, enhanced interaction, greater independence at an earlier age and an ability to accept new situations more readily. However the most important result is that your child will develop survival and awareness skills in and around aquatic environments.

Our program will prepare your infant/toddler physically, psychologically and socially for more structured swimming lessons later in life. It is conducted at three levels: 

snail, fish, and crab clipart
All classes are 30 minute in duration and a parent is required in the water for all levels.

Pre School

3 Years and Above

The Pre School Program is designed to introduce children to Freestyle and Backstroke techniques along with further entrenching their survival skills. This is done by teaching in small groups whilst maintaining a fun and positive environment.

The emphasis of these classes is on good flotation. body position and survival skills whilst laying the foundation for good swimming technique in Freestyle and Backstroke. It is conducted at three levels:

starfish, sea turtles, and sea horses clipart
All classes are 30 minute in duration and group size will be 4 children per instructor.
kid under the water with her goggles
girl kid under the water with her swimming cap and goggles with her eyes open

School Age

5 Years and Above

The School age program will consolidate children’s Freestyle and Backstroke whilst introducing them to Breastroke. Advanced survival techniques are also introduced at this level.

This is achieved by maintaining strong attention to detail with an emphasis on repetition and practice to ensure an efficient and flowing technique in these strokes. It is conducted at three levels:

octopus, slippery eels, and marlins clipart
All classes are 30 minute in duration.


Our squad program is designed for children who want to develop strength, fitness and further develop technique in all 4 competitive swimming strokes.

The aim is to enable children to enjoy, participate and compete in their local school carnivals. It is shown that this will lead to an increase in confidence and self esteem along with a sense of achievement. It is conducted at two levels:

dolphin and shark clipart
Classes durations and sizes will vary and this is dependent on the skill level of the child.
instructor swimming with her goggles and swimming cap

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